This is just the beginning!

/This is just the beginning!

This is just the beginning!

table-300x225Our recent trip into Honduras went better than we ever could have hoped for… Our Hope To Walk (HTW) team of eight and all of our supplies arrived safely in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and we had a wonderful welcome at the airport from friends and local officials. We soon headed off to the clinic and immediately began seeing patients that afternoon.
During the week we would see over thirty patients at a non-profit clinic; most of which had been bound to a wheel chair for well over a year. We were able to construct eight custom-fit legs for eight patients from start to finish within just three days! A feat not accomplished before to our knowledge. When asked if they had access to prosthetic devices, each individual told us no, because they could never afford one. The average wage in Honduras is only $183 per month, and the prosthetic costs are virtually the same as in the USA, about $3,000+. It’s estimated that about 40,000 people in Honduras need a prosthetic limb, and 95% have no access to proper prosthetic care. We want to reduce that percentage annually until everyone has access to a prosthetic device that needs one.

fitting-300x225Once they lose a limb it is almost always a sentence to deeper poverty, with over 60% of Hondurans living below the world poverty line. Even still, they are welcoming, hard-working people, who when given an opportunity, a leg in this case, they usually thrive in even the worst of conditions. An example of this is one of our patients was spotted driving a cab only a couple of days after receiving his prosthetic! Seeing him return to work and provide for his family is what we’re all about. Keep an eye to the website as we hope to have more about his story soon.
standing-200x300In addition to giving a leg to those in need, Hope To Walk is committed to remaining within the community to offer long-term care for all of our patients. Working with existing local clinics (or building our own where none are available), all of our patients will have access to regular checkups with a doctor or nurse. While in Honduras, we were also blessed with a local physical therapy school that offered all of our Tegucigalpa patient’s free physical therapy. We hope to make affordable physical therapy part of our model in the future.

This is just the beginning! Help change a life today by getting connected with us and help support the people of Central America who need prosthetic devices, but have no way to afford them. We are happy to hear from you!

The Hope To Walk Team

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