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Project Description

Roberth2Roberth has one of the most interesting stories we have seen so far.  In 2006 he was 9 years old and was playing outside when he was hit by a car.  He pulled through the accident but lost his leg as a result of the trauma.  He was fortunate however in that he was able to obtain a prosthetic leg at that time.  He used it for a little while, but as is the case with children – he quickly outgrew the leg.  His family was unable to afford a new leg, so he was forced to use crutches for years.

However, when middle school came around he began to spend time with a young lady and was encouraged to try walking again.  By this time he had grown significantly and was far too large for his leg designed for a 9 year old – but he now had more motivation and his ingenuity was sparked.

He began adding to the foot using materials such as animal bones, pieces of metal, cloth, and duct tape.  He began sneaking lighters into his bedroom and would heat up his old socket until it was hot and pliable and he would stick his leg into it so that it would form to his leg. When we met him, he was 17 years old and still wearing that leg!  He is holding his old leg in the accompanying pictures.

RoberthHe now has a HTW leg that was custom fit to his leg and is giving him an opportunity to walk normally again.  He said he wanted to learn how to do prosthetics but could not get accepted into the local prosthetic school.  So… we asked him if he would like to work with us making our prosthetic legs for other Hondurans.  We are hoping we can begin training men such as Roberth, to make our legs in country so that it provides him a job and allows him to give back to his own people.  This is the vision of Hope To Walk:  To inspire and equip others to join in the work.

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