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Project Description

Marlon3From: Jack Richmond
In Honor Of: Tony Barr
To: Marlon Maldonado
On: September 29, 2017

The Hope to Walk clinic beamed with joy and charm when little Marlon arrived. This young patient, only 4 years old, was born without his right leg. His Aunt Karina brought him to the clinic when a family member who works at Baxter Institute, location of the Hope to Walk clinic, told her about the opportunity. Though Marlon was a bit shy, his aunt spoke about the experience with both smiles and tears:

“When he was born, the mother had no idea. They did a lot of ultrasound scans on her, but she was never told he had a leg missing. At the beginning she cried a lot but in the end, we adapted to it. He is now the joy of the house.”

Marlon and his family waited patiently all day between castings and other patients. He was quiet and reserved with a hint of hesitance. As Phil casted the stump and custom-made his very own prosthetic, Marlon watched with wide eyes. His persona completely changed when the leg was ready to be fit. He hopped as fast as he could over to the fitting chair, sporting bright eyes and a big smile! The room filled with joy and clapping when he stood on two feet for the first time and took his first steps. Marlon did not stop walking after that. He stood with pride and spoke words other than his name for the first time that whole day. Although he adapted and can ride a bike and play soccer with one leg, Aunt Karina believes the prosthetic will change his life, allowing him to do more things that every kid should be able to do. She thanks God, Hope to Walk, and you, who helped make this possible. When Marlon was asked why he was so happy, he took a step forward, looked down at his feet, and simply said, “Así.” (“Because this.”)

We thank you for your generous donation, which allows Hope to Walk to continue sharing this life-changing gift. We pray that it blesses as you have blessed the life of another!

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