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Project Description

Mari's StoryOur team was working in a rural, Honduran town where they were seeing patients and checking patient’s vital signs. Unexpectedly, an American walked into the clinic who had no apparent reason for being there. The team asked him if needed something, but he replied, “I am not sure why I am here . . . God told me to come over.” Then Phil said, “Well, God sent us here. How can we help?”The visitor introduced himself as Donnie, and began asking what our team was doing. So Phil explained that they were helping amputee patients and that he was a foot and ankle specialist. Donnie became excited and said, “You have to come with me to meet this woman.” In a moment, they hopped into Donnie’s truck and drove into the mountains to meet Mari Luz.

Mari had been born with two clubfeet, and had learned to walk with them for the past forty years. Yet when our team met her, she had recently undergone surgery on her left foot due to a serious infection.

The surgery removed a bone and healed the infection, yet made it impossible for her to walk.

Eight months prior to meeting the team, she had been unable to stand and was confined to her wheel chair. The only opportunity to provide her a prosthetic was to have her leg amputated. The team prayed with her and returned to the clinic.

Soon after she took a step of faith and had her leg amputated. Our team raised support and brought her a standard prosthetic leg on their next trip (Our low-cost leg had not yet been designed). Since October of 2014, she has been walking without any support devices and can once again take care of her two girls.

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