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Juan sparked everything…

…that Hope to Walk is becoming.

Juan sparked everything that Hope to Walk is becoming. He lost his leg in motorcycle accident when a glass truck collided with him and severed his leg above the knee. Juan had no money and even had to hitch hike to nearest clinic while his leg dangled off him. He could not afford treatment so he lied in a clinic bed for two days waiting to see if he would receive help before he died. Miraculously, he survived, had his surgery, and went on his way.

Months went by and Virginian named Loy who often travels to Honduras to serve on mission trips, wanted to help Juan. Loy paid for Juan to travel to the US where he met Phil. Juan had never been far from home or so much as driven a car, yet here he was in Virginia. Phil crafted him a prosthetic leg at no cost, and as soon as Juan put the leg on he began to run. To this day Phil says he has never seen anyone run like Juan having just received his leg. They had to tell him to slow down!

Since then Juan has been working as a motorcycle mechanic and is able to support his family. The best part is that we are training him in the states for three weeks to make our new prosthetic leg. Our hope is that with our support, he will manufacture prosthetics in Honduras for the locals. That Juan, who had so much taken from him, now joins with the vision of Hope to Walk, perfectly demonstrates our purpose.

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