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Jose600x400I will begin by saying that Jose’s story is so incredible that had we not been there, it may have been hard to believe…

Jose never knew how drastically his life would change while working one day in late 2014.  He was working on powerlines that were supposed to be turned off, however he reached up and touched a high voltage line that was still on and was electrocuted.  It threw him to the ground and badly burned both of his feet where the electricity had exited his body.

Amazingly he survived and made it to a hospital but the doctors told him that both of his feet would have to be amputated.  He began to panic as he had four children and his wife at home and he needed to work to provide for his family.  As he was sitting there in the hospital, he told us, “I was so upset and scared, but then I heard a voice.  He said to me ‘Do not worry.  Go ahead and have the amputation.  I will send people to bring you new legs.’”  He then went ahead with the amputations.

14 months later, we meet him at the hospital that day.  We later found out that he had actually drove to the clinic with wooden stilts he had built so that he could press the gas pedal of his car with his stumps.  He was quite creative in his design as you can see from the photo.  We built him two legs and for the first time in 14 months he was able to stand.  He thanked God for his new legs as he was explaining to his two sons that this is what life is about – to help others and trust in God.  He left that afternoon and drove his family home in his truck with his new legs.  He still has challenges ahead but we have no doubt he will overcome them.  He is being followed up by local doctors to ensure he does well and we are excited to return to see his progress.

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