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Project Description

Carlos was the first person...

…to receive one of our legs from our prosthetics team.

We met Carlos at the Baxter Institute, a missionary school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in October of 2014. Among other programs, the school runs a free clinic and nutrition program for hundreds of adults and children every week, in service to the local community.

Carlos lost his leg two years ago due to complications from diabetes. (Diabetes is a major cause of amputations in Honduras and around the globe.) Through word-of-mouth, Carlos heard that our team was going to be at Baxter. He showed up, and that same day, he received his prosthetic. Within an hour of receiving his leg, he began to walk!

Because Carlos and his family live near Baxter, he was the perfect “first person” to receive a prosthetic leg from our team. He has been checking in regularly with a doctor that works at Baxter to insure his safety. So far, he is doing well without any complications.

We are in constant contact with Carlos via telephone, and he is happy and doing well. We are excited to see him on our next trip to Honduras in May 2015!

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