Narsiso Gomez

Thirty-six years ago, Narsiso Gomez was in an accident. While working security on the side of a mountainous road, a boulder came tumbling down the slope and struck his foot. Though the injury did not require surgery at the time, his pain was never cured. He walked on a bruised and possibly broken foot for 35 years. At first, it was a light yet lingering pain that he endured through daily life. The pain increased with time, however, leading to infection. Walking on his right foot became unbearable, and it was too late to save it. Narsiso had his leg amputated below the knee in November of 2016.

Since then, he has not been able to work but paid to keep the job title in hopes of returning. He lives with his wife and 5 children in Comayagua, Honduras, who all help to take care of him. Though he did not have the means of acquiring a prosthetic, he always longed for one and held onto hope. When a mutual friend of Hope to Walk told him about the organization, he became very excited and joyful.

Everyone was surprised by how well he walked with the prosthesis, especially for the first time walking in nearly one year. He enthusiastically swung his prosthetic leg back and forth between steps, all the while with a permanent grin. Narsiso was asked what he is looking forward most about having two legs again. Of course he is ready to return to work, but he is most excited about fishing again. Fishing is his favorite activity, and he cannot wait to get back into that boat.

Because of your generous donation, a life was forever changed and Hope to Walk is able to continue in this work. Narsiso thanks you, and Hope to Walk thanks you. We pray that Narsiso’s story has touched and blessed your life as you have touched and blessed his.

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