Mary Burch and Betsabe

/Mary Burch and Betsabe

Mary Burch and Betsabe

Betsabe is a charismatic grandmother from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, who loves to cook and tell stories. An infection from diabetes caused her to lose her leg in May of 2013. When Hope to Walk set up a clinic two years later, she was among the first to arrive. The doctors did not think she could be a candidate due to her weakened condition, but another team member insisted that they at least try. Betsabe was the second patient to ever receive a Hope to Walk leg. Since her life was changed, she has been able to do chores around the house, cook for her family, and even dance.

During the February 2017 trip, Betsabe’s increased exercise and improved health had reduced the volume of her leg and loosened the socket. This is a great problem to have as the prosthetic was getting much use and serving her well. Her weight loss warranted a brand new leg, and Hope to Walk thanks you for providing the means! She says her new leg feels much better, and the tighter fit allows her to do even more. She personally thanks you for your generosity. With the help of gracious donors like you, Hope to Walk is able to continue providing this hope to disadvantaged amputees. We thank you for your support and pray that it blesses you as you have blessed this organization and Betsabe.

(Betsabe is pictured with her grandson who brings her to the clinic)

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