Maria Martinez

Life is not easy for a diabetic in Central America. The rocks in the road and common use of sandals is not a good combination for numb feet. As is the case with many, Maria Martinez unknowingly stepped on a small pebble, which entered into the bottom of her foot. The wound imploded with infection, and the doctor had no choice but to amputate below the knee. This happened in September of 2016.

After speaking with other amputees in her church, Maria was extremely discouraged by the nearly impossible price of prostheses. Eventually, she gave up. After one year of being confined to a wheel chair, Maria heard about Hope to Walk and was surprised about free prosthetic legs. She and her son, who works to take care of her, traveled from Yuscarán, Hoduras to the Hope to Walk clinic. And indeed, she received this hope!

Maria praises God for this blessing and hope it will help her advance. She currently stays home to cook, but it is certainly not easy in a wheelchair. Her dream is to start a business, a “pulpería.” This is a Spanish term for a minimarket or general store that commonly sells beverages.

On behalf of Maria and her family, we greatly thank you for your donation. It is through your generosity that Hope to Walk is able to continue giving physical and spiritual Hope in the name of the Lord. We hope to see her on two feet selling refreshments very soon!

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