Julio Figueroa

Julio Figueroa is a humble 62-year-old man from Catacamas, Honduras. Like many Hope to Walk patients and thousands of other Central Americans, he is a victim of La Bestia (The Beast), or The Death Train. This freight train exports material from Central America to the border of Texas and is a way that many attempt getting to the USA. However, it is extremely dangerous as those “on board” simply ride atop the train or hang onto the sides. Accidents like falling off, amputations, or even death are all too common. In Julio’s case, he tried jumping onto the moving train, stumbled, and caught his leg in the wheel of the train. His amputation was 13 years ago – and he has not been able to walk well since that time.

He hasn’t had a stable job and is taken care of by his wife and two daughters. When he heard of Hope to Walk, his hope was immediately restored. Julio prayed all day waiting at the clinic for the chance to receive a leg. His countenance was solemn, quiet, and humble, accompanied only by his primitive crutch. There was distance in his eyes until walking for the first time in all those years, and then everything changed. The years of pain and trial melted away as he walked with confidence and a contagious smile. Now he hopes to go back to work in agriculture to help provide for his family. The Central Americans have such a strong spirit and refuse to give up or make excuses.

He first thanks God, saying, “I am always content with the Lord and grateful to Him. I feel good and my heart is very grateful because I’ve been praying to God so everything would come out alright, and everything has gone alright.” Secondly, he thanks the people with this organization for the kind way in which he was treated and the chance he was given. We especially thank you Gayle and Mike who helped make this possible through your generous donation. It is only with the help of others and goodness of God that we continue sharing the Hope of Christ through the hope of walking. We pray that Julio’s story brings joy to your life as you helped change his forever! He is the first of many that you and Mike have blessed and their stories will be flowing in as trips take place.

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