José Pantaleón Canales Rivas

Coming from Talanga, Honduras, Jose Rivas arrived at the Hope to Walk clinic on the first day of the trip. He lost his leg one year and a half ago due to a diabetic infection that was left untreated. Jose worked in agriculture, often operating heavy farming machines. When he noticed an infection in his left leg, he did not want to stop working. “I didn’t want to leave the job because I wanted to feed my family,” Jose said, speaking to the dire need of working in order to survive. He did look for medicine, but it was too late; the infection had already affected the bone and started spreading up his leg. In May of 2016, Jose lost both his leg and his job.

After the amputation, the people at his previous job gave him one month of support. He has had to depend on his family ever since. Jose lives with his son and has two other grown children who pitch in to provide food. He absolutely cannot wait to get back to work so he can help support his family again. He said, “But once I have the prosthetic, my idea is to start working; do something. Let’s see what God says, because we are nothing without him.”

For a brief moment of time, Jose had a glimmer of hope when a friend let him borrow a prosthetic. But just 3 months after using it, the friend asked for it back. Now with your generous donation, Hope to Walk was able to provide a leg that is permanently his. A leg that not only gives the ability to walk, but the hope of getting his job back, and his life back. This is so much more than building prosthetics; it is changing lives through the hope of walking in Christ. Jose excitedly put on his own, new leg and walked with renewed strength and pride.

On behalf of Hope to Walk and Jose, we thank you for your continued support and kindness towards this organization and caring for amputees. It is by working together and the Lord’s goodness that we can continue proving hope to the hopeless. We pray that Jose’s story has blessed you as you have blessed us

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