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Exciting Times

Ed-Bellaire-Hope-to-WalkFrom the Desk of the E.D.

In this series of posts, our Executive Director shares updates and recent developments.

Hope To Walk’s Purpose

Hope To Walk’s purpose is to design and develop functional, durable and affordable prosthetic devices and a delivery model for manufacture, distribution and installation so the poorest in the world have an opportunity to walk.

This and future posts will be an opportunity for me to keep you, the Hope To Walk supporters, informed of how your time, money and prayers are making this purpose a reality.

Both Exciting & Challenging!

What’s been most exciting for me in these early days is how quickly our prosthetic leg can change a life! See a life-changing moment for yourself in our video here.

I’ve been moved by the amount of people that are volunteering their time and money to help Hope to Walk. You are both a huge help and an encouragement to me and others who are committed to seeing HTW help hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions to walk.

The truly challenging part of Hope To Walk is coordinating and managing all the facets of this work. Once we have additional funding, we’ll be able to hire the needed staff (we’re 100% volunteer currently) both in the U.S. and around the world, to dedicate and see this massive opportunity become a reality.

Upcoming Opportunities

In July, Hope to Walk will present our organization at the first annual Central American Diabetic Foot Congress, in Guatemala, City. Dr. Xiomara, who has been part of our team in Honduras, will be presenting.

This opportunity is a result of our research into the worldwide need for prosthetics. Stephen Bellaire, one of our Corporate Connectors, contacted many global organizations, including the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) They responded to Steve and would like to talk to us about possibilities.

During my Skype meeting with Dr. Kristien Van Acker, she voiced to me that the IDF saw Hope to Walk as an organization that could fill a gap they’d been hoping to fill for a long time. We are thrilled at the prospect of working with the IDF and their affiliates.

Goals for Our Next Trip to Honduras

Before Hope to Walk can successfully spread our work into other countries, we’re committed to
creating a solid model for prosthetic leg manufacturing, installation, and best practices for ongoing care of our patients.

Here’s a synopsis of our next trip to Honduras:

Place 20 HTW legs on patients in 5 days. This should include installing legs on children for the first time.

Begin training HTW prosthetic technicians that will fit legs on patients. These technicians will be from the USA and Honduras.

Set up our first prosthetic leg manufacturing center and train two leg fabricators (pre-fab foot and leg).

Set up our first leg fork-strap sewing center. These fork-straps help secure the legs. The women that participate in making the straps will eventually earn their own sewing machine that they can use to earn a much needed income.

See our recent patients and assess the leg performance and their overall experience.

Meet with Ethel Maldonado from Functional Therapy, a physical therapy program part of the National University. Some of their students are already working with our patients.

Join Us

This work will require thousands of workers and millions of dollars to make a dent into the prosthetic need that exists in Honduras alone. Step by step, we’ll continue seeing more remarkable things happen and thousands of people walking.

We need you to spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to participate by praying, giving, and utilizing their gifts and talents to help us accomplish this great work.
I welcome you to contact me if you’re interested in helping Hope to Walk grow, and as a result, help the millions of people around the World that can’t afford a prosthetic leg.

In my next post, I’ll share with you some of the lives that have been changed and more about our plans to make Hope to Walk a reality throughout the World.

With much Hope!

Ed Bellaire
Executive Director

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