Blanca Figueroa

Blanca is an elderly lady from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and a Hope to Walk return patient. She lost her leg one year ago to a diabetic infection, which unfortunately is extremely common in Central America. She exclaims how she was walking down the sidewalk one day and stepped on a pebble. After three weeks of going to the doctor, she still was not recovering. Finally, she went to the hospital and ended up staying for over a month; the infection from the small pebble had spread up her leg. One day the doctor came in and said, “I must amputate your leg up to a certain point, or else this thing will keep spreading.”

One year later, still with no prosthetic, a friend of hers told her about Hope to Walk. She has had one other HtW leg and used it so well that she lost volume. This time, with your donor leg, we were able to rebuild a leg that better fits. She knows that God loves her a lot because He gave her another chance in life. She also knows that she can bless all those involved at Hope to Walk while we are able to bless her. With the prosthesis, she has regained mobility and been able to go back to work. And now with your donation, we are able to provide her with this new leg that will only increase her mobility and opportunities. Blanca, her family, and all of us at Hope to Walk thank you for your gracious donation. It is through your gifts and the grace of God that we are able to continue in this work. May the Lord bless you and keep you walking in His ways!

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