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Phil with prosthetic leg


A decade ago a journey to Central America exposed a need for affordable prosthetics.

Millions worldwide depend on crutches and wheelchairs, or are even forced to crawl, because no affordable prosthetic exists. Wrestling with this need, our founder, Phil Johnson, innovated a solution.

He was travelling to Guatemala to take a young boy a prosthetic leg. He gave the leg to the boy but the next morning, something happened that would set him on a path to inventing our new design: thirty more children were lined up with the hope of receiving a leg. Phil knew this would be next to impossible with standard prosthetic devices, and so began our journey towards Hope To Walk.

In 2013 Phil met a first year medical student named Michael Mabry who shared the passion of helping others who could not help themselves. They became friends, shared a vision, and in April of 2014, took their first trip to Honduras to assess the needs of amputee patients in the country. They encountered over fifty patients in just five days and knew this is where Hope To Walk would begin.

Utilizing thirty years of experience, Phil Johnson developed a prosthetic leg design that costs a fraction of the costs of standard designs. This is the realization of Hope to Walk’s vision: to give freedom to those who have lost the most basic necessity of life, movement.

For $100, you can sponsor a person to walk and create immeasurable change. We think it is incredible too that a life can be reversed with so little. Hope to Walk provides a solution to lift up those who cannot afford a standard prosthetic device, and it will cost them nothing with your help.

Join us on our journey to see millions walk again!


Mara Pineda
Mara PinedaDirector of Central American Operations
Mara was born around the area of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and helped start and lead a bilingual school in her twenties and thirties. She would later move to Virginia…
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Phil Johnson
Phil JohnsonFounder
Phil has over 34 years of prosthetic and orthotic experience. He is an inventor with many skills and a passion for training others which places him in the perfect spot to lead…
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Michael Mabry
Michael MabryChairman
Michael is a founder and Chairman of HTW. He founded HTW in his first year of medical school and is now a 4th year medical student at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine…
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Dr. Xiomara MD
Dr. Xiomara MDBoard Member
Dr. Erazo, MD has been a part of our Hope To Walk family for almost 4 years now and is an important member of our team. She was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras…
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Corydon Siffring MD
Corydon Siffring MDBoard Member
Cory has been a trauma surgeon for over 25 years and has spent much of his life serving patients from the USA to Uganda to Afghanistan. He served in the
US Army for 22 years…
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Loy Burch
Loy BurchBoard Member
Loy grew up at Espanola, New Mexico, holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Eastern New Mexico University. He and his wife have been involved in mission work…
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Terry Smith
Terry SmithBoard Member
Terry was born in Sioux Falls, SD but spent most of his youth living in New Orleans, LA. He would later move to Memphis, TN and obtain a degree from
The University of Memphis…
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Donnie Anderson
Donnie AndersonBoard Member
Donnie Anderson is as unique a person as one can meet. After completing high school, he did a term in the Navy training as a Nuclear Engineer. He received his BS in Biology…
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Ken Jones
Ken JonesBoard Member
Ken is a retired family physician who received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia (MCV). Ken’s family practice residency was
in a unique program…
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Rob Luffman
Rob LuffmanBoard Treasurer
Rob is a certified management accountant and is the CFO of Gracetree Investments. He serves as Hope to Walks Board Treasurer to maintain accountability and transparency…
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Todd Potgeter
Todd PotgeterBoard Member
Todd is one of our most recent board members to join the Hope to Walk board. He has a huge heart to empower others around the world and is always seeking
of ways to love others well…
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