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Watch the video to see how Hope to Walk is transforming lives and how you can play a part in giving someone the hope to walk.


Click to learn more about donating a Hope To Walk prosthetic leg in honor of a loved one and give an amputee patient the hope to walk they are waiting for.

Million People Around the World are in Need of a Prosthetic or Assistive Devices
Of Need Thought To Be in Developing Nations Where Average Income is $3-4 Per Day
Prosthetic Legs Costs Typically Start Around $3-5,000 and Can Exceed $80,000
Amputations Every Hour are Taking Place Somewhere in the World (1 per 30 Seconds)


What do Latin Americans think about Hope To Walk?

Latin Americans from 7 countries were asked, “If you could summarize Hope To Walk in one word, what would it be?” Watch the video to see their response.

Success Stories of Those Who Have Received Legs:

Hope to Walk has many success stories of giving the gift of walking to those who had no hope of doing so.  Click button below to read about these successes.

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Learn about the why and how of what we do in this infographic:

Hope to Walk provides a quality, inexpensive prosthetic leg for the millions in the world who otherwise would not be able to obtain one.

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“Hope to Walk is a credible solution to the prosthetic issue that plagues the world’s poor”

Dr. Cory Siffring, Trauma Surgeon

“When I see a person who had no hope of ever walking again rise to their feet, I feel what Jesus meant by, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ There are millions who are desperate for a miracle. HTW desires to be the miracle.”

Michael Mabry, DO, Chairman of Hope To Walk

“The new prosthetic you gave me works great! It’s much lighter than my metal one that broke, and helps me perform my job better.”

Anuar, Sanitation Worker, Hope To Walk Patient

“Hope To Walk has come in a moment when many people in Honduras thought their hope was lost. Today many have seen that hope can be tangible and comes in different shapes, this time in the shape of a leg. ”

Gabi Osorio, Country Coordinator for CURE International

Help fund our next trip

Hope To Walk is raising support for a trip to Honduras in May.  We are empowering Honduras to help amputee patients living in poverty by training Hondurans to make legs and training doctors to fit them. Partner with us by giving and sharing our vision to bring Hope to the nations.